Tree-man by Human Papilloma Virus

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An Indonesian fisherman who feared that he would be killed by tree-like growths covering his body

Dede, now 35, baffled medical experts when warty "roots" began growing
out of his arms and feet after he cut his knee in a teenage accident.


The welts spread across his body unchecked and soon he was left unable to carry out everyday household tasks.

Sacked from his job and deserted by his wife, Dede has been raising his two children – now in their late teens – in poverty, resigned to the fact that local doctors had no cure for his condition.

To make ends meet he even joined a local "freak show", parading in front of a paying audience alongside victims of other peculiar diseases.


But now an American dermatology expert who flew out to Dede’s home village south of the capital Jakarta claims to have identified his condition, and proposed a treatment that could transform his life.

After testing samples of the lesions and Dede’s blood, Dr Anthony Gaspari of the University of Maryland concluded that his affliction is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a fairly common infection that usually causes small warts to develop on sufferers.


Why ?!

Dede’s problem is that he has a rare genetic fault that impedes his immune system, meaning his body is unable to contain the warts.

The virus was therefore able to "hijack the cellular machinery of his skin cells", ordering them to produce massive amounts of the substance that caused the tree-like growths known as "cutaneous horns" on his hands and feet.

Dede’s counts of a key type of white blood cell are so low that Dr Gaspari initially suspected he may have the Aids virus. …..

BUT ..

tests showed he did not, and it became clear that Dede’s immune condition was something far rarer and more mysterious.

Warts aside, he had enjoyed remarkable good health throughout his life – which would not be expected of someone with a suppressed immune system – and neither his parents nor his siblings have shown signs of developing lesions.


Dede’s condition can be largely cleared up by a daily doses of a
synthetic form of Vitamin A, which has been shown to arrest the growth
of warts in severe cases of HPV.

The most resilient warts could then be frozen off and the growths on his hands and feet surgically removed.

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  1. As soon as i read this and saw the pictures i was slightly horrified it was a bit like reading about the elephant man and i think in a way it is horrific how he is being refused treatment when american medical treatment is so advanced that they could give Dede almost 100% better standard of life and his family.
    It is not fair that people are allowed to look at as freaks but sadly it happens on a daily basis and we cannot stop this even though there are ways we CAN stop it if you know what i mean.


  2. from what i gathered he isnt being refused treatment… he is refusing treatment.

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